2 thoughts on “Tuesday 10/7

  1. Back on December 11, 2013, I’d been lifting at the gym for a little over a month. That night I tested my 1RM in the squat for the first time ever. I maxed out at 104. Tonight I squatted 109 for 5X5. It’s really amazing for me to look back and see the progress I’ve made since I started lifting with you guys. Thank you all for being such great friends and so supportive.

    Clean – 58, 62
    Squat – 109
    Jerk – 59 (my legs were like jelly after the squats)
    Bench – 50
    Side Plank – 45#

  2. Made up work out in garage at 4 AM Wednesday; I need to get a life

    Clean – 135lbs, 145 and 155 X2, 165 X 1 X 2 (165 used to be my 1RM. I have no idea what’s what now)
    Squat – 242 X7X4 (242 is all the weight I have in my garage without taping the adjustable dumbbells to the bar)
    Jerk – 135X2X2, 145X2 back down to 135X2. My new weakest link is the split jerk
    Hand Stand holds instead of bench – 2X20 seconds. really need to do these more often
    Plank – 45lb

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