4 thoughts on “Thursday 10/9

  1. No workout results to report, just a quick thought (kind of a piggy-back on the theme of Geoff’s recent comments) – 10 months ago, Performing a 135lb squat clean was probably not even possible. Tonight, I did a CF WOD that resulted in 28 total 135lb squat cleans and 28 pull-ups in 15 minutes. I have a long long way to go, but I’m pretty stoked right now. Scott, Jon, Elizabeth, Jordan, Alex, Joe, and workout buds/buddettes, thank you for your tutelage and encouragement. Getting healthy, mobile and strong is not a horrible way to stare down 50..

  2. It’s always inspiring to see the hard work you guys are putting in each day. Keep it up! And nice work on that challenge WOD tonight. Looking forward to testing it out on Saturday

  3. Snatch – 43
    Clean – 55
    Deadlift – 120
    Pull Up – w/ purple band
    4X Up and Back Farmers Walk with 15s

    Another comparison from my early days: November 9, 2013 was my 3d workout at the gym. I maxed my deadlift that day and got 120 for a single. Last night I did 5X5 with that weight.

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