Saturday 11/8

Awesome work on all the back squat and deadlift PR’s this past week! The PR board is looking pretty solid right now.   Check out Facebook for some videos and photos

On November 8, we’re starting up a new cycle, which is focused on technique and strength in the olympic lifts.  The percentages, reps and sets will all be denoted the same.  If you have questions, post them here or find your coaches in the strength room.

WEEK 1 / DAY 1:

  • Snatch (power position working on getting underneath the bar), 60/3×3
  • Snatch (floor), 65/2×3
  • Snatch deadlift, 90 of snatch/3×3
  • Jerk, 60/2×3
  • Heavy side planks, 3 sets per side of 20 seconds

Notes: Even though weights will be lighter starting out, make sure you are still taking the proper warm-up leading to your working sets (i.e. empty bar tech work, etc.).

3 thoughts on “Saturday 11/8

  1. Strength time!
    A 35kg
    B 37kg
    C 45kg
    D 42kg

    I’m going to base this cycle off a 50kg snatch and 67kg C&J. Felt good today, but I’ll definitely need to work more overhead mobility for the Jerk to not cause back hyperextension.

  2. Hi Hang Snatch – 34
    Snatch – 30
    Snatch DL – 50
    Jerk – 44
    Side Plank – 32 (used a kettlebell)

    My legs are really tired from max week.

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