Tuesday 11/11

 WEEK 1 / DAY 3:

  • Jerk splits, 50/3×3
  • Jerk, 65/2×3
  • Front Squat, 70/3×3
  • Clean (below knee), 60/ 2×3

For jerk splits – start with bar in front rack, and feet in “shallow” split position.  Get a little dip-drive, and then jerk bar overhead landing in “deeper” split position (i.e. move both feet and get a little bit lower in split).

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 11/11

  1. ◾Jerk splits – 75lbs
    ◾Jerk – 75lbs
    ◾Front Squat – 135lbs
    ◾Clean (below knee) – 95lbs
    Ancillary – HSPU improvement Day 2, Major Armstrong pullup improvement program day 1

    Garage workout. “DT” this morning. Everything felt like a ton tonight. Work done.

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