Thursday 11/12

WEEK 1 / DAY 4 (Bonus day! This is the workout to miss if you can only do 3 in a week):

  • Power Snatch (hb*) + full snatch (below knee), 60/1+1×3
  • Clean (below knee) + front squat+  jerk, 60/1+2+1×3
  • Clean deadlift, 90% of best clean/3×3
  • HEAVY PLANKS – 4 sets of 25 seconds

*HB = high blocks or power position


2 thoughts on “Thursday 11/12

  1. Made up Sunday’s workout today

    Hi Hang Clean – 42
    Clean – 46
    Squat 91
    Snatch Below Knee – 33
    Planks – 60

    Cleans felt pretty ragged for a while but eventually smoothed out. Snatches were at a low enough load that getting low under the bar was no big deal.

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