Thursday 12/4

WEEK 4 / DAY 4 (Bonus Day):

  • Power Snatch (hb) + Full Snatch (bkn), 80/1+1×3
  • Clean (bkn) + Front Squat+ Jerk, 80/1+2+1×3
  • Clean deadlift, 120% of best clean/3×3
  • HEAVY PLANKS 4 sets of 25 seconds

The end of the year Party is this coming Saturday, December 6!  RSVP here and check the event for more info.  Hope everyone can make it out!

2 thoughts on “Thursday 12/4

  1. Snatch complex – 44
    Clean/F.S./Jerk complex – 56
    Clean DL – 96
    Planks – 70

    The good: It was great to finally be back in the gym. My technique was definitely rusty at the start but started to come together better as I moved through the workout.
    The bad: My plantar fasciitis flared up again. Time to hit the lax ball and roller.

  2. power snatch (hb) + snatch – 80
    clean (bkn) + 2 FS + jerk – 97
    clean DL – 145

    Wow. That was surprisingly difficult to hit/finish positions.

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