Update as we get into the Holidays (Schedule, etc.)

Hey everyone- we are not on a set cycle currently as we go through the holidays, but we’ve been doing some fun workouts in the gym.  Today we will be doing some work in the parking lot!

Here are some updates as we get closer to Christmas and New Years:

  1. Tuesday, 12/23:  Class has been moved to 530pm!! Please get there on time, as we will not be staying open late.  The workout will be as follows:
    1. Jerk, 65/2×8 EMOM
    2. Front squat, 80/2×3, 60/3×8 EMOM
    3. Single leg split squat, light/8×3 each leg
    4. Sotts press (elevated your heels on plates if necessary) .. 5rm!, then -10%/5×3
    5. Abs!
  2. Thursday, 12/25: CLOSED
  3. Saturday and Sunday (12/27-28): Normal schedule.
  4. Next Tuesday, 12/30:  Class is again moved up to 530pm!
  5. Next Thursday, 1/1/2015:  There will be a short workout at 4pm.
  6. Beyond all that we return to a normal schedule!

Comment here if you have any questions.  Thanks!

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