Tues/Thurs 2/23-2/25

Hey strong people – The workouts have been taking a lot of time due to the heavy %’s, so PLEASE get to the gym early on strength days if you plan to make up Saturday or Sunday’s workouts.  We need to shut things down around 830pm, so please be efficient with your time (i.e. superset back squat and shoulder press, etc.).  Thanks!

TUESDAY WORKOUT: Bonus day (if only doing 3 days, skip this and do the other 3 workouts)

  • Snatch ( HB – use blocks if possible), 82/2×4 – Focus on staying on heels!!
  • C+FS+J, 82/2×4
  • Clean pull + cl deadlift, 110/(1+2)x4
  • FS, 80/2×4


  • Jerk splits, 50/3×5
  • Jerks, 79/2×5, 84/1×2
  • Pause front squat, 82/2×4
  • Back squat, 88/5×5
  • Shoulder Press, 83/4×5

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