Saturday Strength 7/2


Thursday’s workout marked the start of our summer cycle. As per popular vote, this next cycle will be a heavy hypertrophy cycle (seen in our programming 3 summers ago). In this cycle you’ll find a mixture of olympic lifts, olympic lift accessory exercises, slow strength movements, and otherwise just plain old muscle building exercises. For those of you who have been following the programming this year, this cycle will be a good way to mix things up and get a bit yolked for the summer. For those of you joining us from Crossfit, this will be a small dose of olympic weightlifting so that you can get to working on the technique you’ve been putting off all year. Oh, and Cal may have some conditioning work to burn off all the cookies I’ve brought you this year 😉

  • Push press 75% x6x6 (percent of max SP)
  • Max weighted pull up
  • TGU heavy triple
  • 4 rounds of: 10 V-ups and 30 second weighted plank hold

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