Saturday 9/24

Watch how he moves his weight to the outside of his feet during the pull past the knees – by sending your knees out, you make room for a vertical bar path. What he does is pretty extreme, but you should you thinking external rotation on the first pull for stability and a better bar path.

Weightlifting warrior – take the specified total number of attempts. First attempt is at 75%. If you make a lift, add weight for the next attempt. If you miss a lift, go back to 75%. Do not go heavier than 90%, even if feeling good. Goal is most successful lifts at 90%. Makes and misses count toward your total number of attempts.

Keep your rest time consistent on the weightlifting warrior (about 2 min). These aren’t heavy singles – it’s a drill to develop consistency around 75-90%.

  • Power snatch weightlifting warrior (7 attempts total)
  • Clean + jerk weightlifting warrior (6 attempts total)
  • Back squat 75% x 3 x 1, 77% x 3 x 2, 80% x 3 x 2
  • 5 rounds:
    • 30 sec max ball slams
    • 90 sec rest

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