Tuesday 10/18

Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics says:


I’m pretty frequently surprised by how impatient new and intermediate weightlifters are in a number of ways, from their expectations of progress to their rush to get through a lift as quickly as possible.

Weightlifting is a sport that requires a significant investment of time, both in the long and short term senses. Long term, it requires consistent training, lifestyle and focus to make serious progress; short term, it requires the investment of time into each piece of a training session, and it can’t be cheated.

With regard to training sessions, one frustratingly common mistake is rushing the completion of a lift. This can be the hurry to get a lighter warm-up lift done as quickly as possible as if it’s meaningless, failing to go through the same routines a lifter would use on a heavier attempt. These routines should be exactly what the term means: routine. That requires practice, and a lot of it. Approach and perform every single snatch the same way, whether it’s 50kg or 150kg. This kind of consistency and attention to detail carries over and makes a difference when it counts.

Investing just a few more seconds on each lift every day can literally save you years in the long term.

– Greg Everett

  • Snatch 60-75% x 1 x 6
  • C&J 60-75% x 1+1 x 5
  • Back squat 75% x 3 x 4
  • Tabata plank (weighted if possible)
  • Mobility and recovery work

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