Tuesday 10/25 – New Program!!!

We’re starting a new cycle today! We’ll spend 7 weeks back squatting heavy, max in week six, taper, and hold a mock meet at the gym the weekend of December 10th. The squats will be very intense – this is a modified version of Smolov Jr. (spread out over 6 weeks instead of 3). If you have never done a squat cycle before, do not do this! Stick to the beginner prescription on the squats.

Consider using a training max to calculate percentages for the squats (take 2-5 kilos off your real max). It’s heavy and a lot of volume right off the bat.

CJ Cummings world record at Youth Worlds this weekend!

  • Pressing Snatch Balance x 3 x 5 light, 2 sec pause at bottom
  • Power snatch 65-75% x 2 x 6
  • Back squat 70% x 6 x 6 (Beginner: 60% x 5 x 5)
  • Strict press 65-75% x 3 x 5


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