Tuesday 12/12 – New Cycle, Meet Results

First, congrats everyone on the mock meet! Everyone posted a total and almost everyone hit at least one PR. Results are below.


New cycle also starts this week! I’ll be in the gym every night this week except Friday, make sure to come see me with questions about movements etc. because I’ll be gone Dec 18-Jan 12.

  • Halting snatch pull + dip muscle snatch + dip snatch light x 5
  • 3 sec snatch pull to knee + hang snatch (knee) + OHS 65-75% x 1+1+2 x 7
  • Snatch pull w/ pause at mid thigh 95% x 2 x 4
  • Back squat 70% x 2 x 7 on the minute, fast reps
  • 4 times:
    • 2-4 strict hspu into 30 sec handstand hold
    • 30 sec weighted plank

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