Tuesday 1/24 – New Cycle!

New cycle starts today! We’ll spend 5 weeks doing a cycle that will work equally well for crossfit athletes looking to work on strength and skill before the Open, and for weightlifters looking to build speed, consistency, and raw strength.

  • 3 position muscle snatch light x 5
  • Snatch (full, of course) 70% x 2 x 7 EMOM
  • FS 70% x 6 x 6 (Beginner: 65% x 5 x 5)
  • Snatch DL 95% x 2 x 5
  • HSPU x 5 x 3 strict with deficit, then one max set kipping with no deficit (Open prep: use height standard)

3 thoughts on “Tuesday 1/24 – New Cycle!

  1. Muscle Snatch: 30kg
    Snatch EMOM: 44kg
    Front Squat: 60kg

    First day back at strength, so not really sure where my maxes are, just playing it by feel. Also, mobility is… lacking, haha

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