Week 1 – 2/27-3/5

New cycle starts this week! Because schedules will be different for everyone during the Open, I’ll be posting the whole week at the same time so you can figure out when is best to get it done. You should be leaving a day with no lifting on either side of the Open workouts, ideally, and not lift on those days. This cycle is relatively low volume, so it shouldn’t be a big problem to do the lifting days back to back or even three in a row. As always, pay attention to how you feel and put enough energy into recovery.

This cycle has heavy singles in something every day to develop consistency and confidence in the 95% range. A heavy single does not mean a max attempt, it means work up to the heaviest you can get for that day – it might be 90% of your max, it might be a PR. The idea is that these heavy singles will be a little heavier each time you try them for a given movement. There will be a strict two strikes rule for all of these – if you miss the same weight twice, you’re done. Do not spend forever on these heavy singles – aim for 5-7 working attempts at most to get to your max.

This cycle will end with a mock meet at Solidarity on Saturday April 8th – everyone should do it, put it on your calendars.

That’s the type of consistency we want to develop at heavy weights.

Week 1

Tue 28 Feb

  • 5 sec snatch DL + muscle snatch from power position + snatch balance, light x 5
  • Snatch pull + snatch from power position w/ 3 sec pause in catch, work up to heavy single, then 2 waves at 70-80-85% of this.
  • Snatch PP + snatch balance 70% x 2+1 x 5, percent of snatch
  • Snatch pull from deficit 90% x 2 x 4
  • 4 times:
    • Barbell roll-out x 8
    • Handstand hold x 30 sec

Thur 2 Mar

  • 5 sec clean DL + high hang power clean + push press, moderate x 5
  • Clean pull + clean from mid thigh + jerk w/ 3 sec pause in catch, work up to heavy single, then wave at 70-75-80-85% of this
  • Push press 80% x 2 x 5, hold each rep 3 seconds overhead
  • 4 times:
    • Back extension x 10 w/ 10 sec hold at top of last rep
    • Front squat 50% x 5 at 33×1 tempo

Sat 4 Mar

  • Tall snatch, light x 3 x 5
  • Snatch singles at 65-70-75-80-85-80-85%
  • C&J singles at 65-70-85-80-85%
  • Back squat heavy single (absolutely no misses) and three doubles at 80% of this
  • 4 times:
    • Double KB overhead hold 30 sec heavy
    • 10 squat presses each side

Sun 5 Mar

  • Jerk balance (forehead) light x 3 x 5
  • Power jerk + split jerk with 3 sec pause in catch, work up to heavy single, then wave at 70-75-80-85% of this
  • Clean pull from deficit 90% x 2 x 4
  • Box jump take 10 min to work up to and get 5 singles as high as possible
  • 4 times:
    • GHD sit-up x 12
    • single leg deadlift x 5 each side, heavy
    • goblet squats x 8 as heavy as possible

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