July 9- July 15

This will be the final week of our high volume pullunderfast cycle! There will be the option of going for a heavy single on the major lifts on day 5- only do this if you are truly feeling well and up for it, not just to get out of the higher volume of the other option! We will then transition into a strength cycle, the first week of which will be relatively light so we can all get used to the new movements. Push through this week and don’t forget that every rep is an opportunity to practice the correct movement and get better!

Day 1
▪hang (top of knee caps) snatch 76-80% x 3 x 4
▪power clean+clean 76-80% x (2+1) x 4
min 0-3: heaving snatch balance+OHS, feel proper placement for receiving snatch, 67-77% (of snatch) x (1+2)
min 4-6: front squat 65-72% x 4
min 7-9: back squat 65-72% x 4
▪segmented snatch pull (pause 3 seconds each just off the ground, at knee, and at mid thigh) 85% x 3 x 3
▪3-5 times with minimal rest:
-pendlay row x 8, heavier than last week
– double kb deadlift x 8, heavier than last week
-toes to bar x 8-15
-100m sprint

Day 2
▪ power snatch+snatch push press 75% x (1+2) x 3
▪clean from blocks 75% x 1 x 5 (mid thigh)
▪clean deadlift, triples starting at 90% of clean and add 5-10% EMOM up to a heavy set with perfect positions
▪3-5 times with minimal rest:
-single leg box jumps (feel it out, no busted shins allowed) x 10-12/leg
-Russian KB swings x 10, heavy
-Snatch grip OH hold :30- :40 moderate

Day 3
▪snatch high pull + snatch with 5 sec pause in catch 82% x (1+1) x 5
▪hang clean (tops of knee caps) 82% x 3 x 4
▪push press+jerk with 5 sec pause in catch of jerk (3+1) x 4, start moderate and build as able, aim for heavier than last non-deload week
▪1+ 1/4 back squat 65% x 4 x 4
▪3 rounds, 1 minute at each:
-overhead tricep extensions
-single arm DB high pulls
-side plank (30 sec/side)

Day 4
▪snatch from blocks (mid thigh) 78% x 3 x 4
▪no foot clean 78% x 2 x 4
▪clean high pull+ hang clean high pull+high hang clean high pull 78% x (1+1+1) x 4
▪weighted plank 3 x 1:00
▪1500 m row, at 500, 1000 and 1500 m complete:
-single arm farmer’s carry 4 x length downstairs (switch arms half way)

Day 5
▪snatch, all EMOM OR heavy single
76% x 1 x 4
80% x 1 x 4
84% x 1 x 4
▪clean+jerk, every 90 sec OR heavy single
76% x (1+1) x 3
80% x (1+1) x 2
84% x (1+1) x 2
▪front squat 3-3-3 heavy as possible (with good mechanics, of course)
▪ 3-5 times with minimal rest:
-GHD sit up x 15, weighted if possible
-DB push press x 12, heavy as possible
-lateral box jump x 20/side



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