August 13- August 19

Hey, everyone! This week is kind of a back off/ self-limiting week. We’ll be backing off on accessory work but building up to challenging sets for complexes. This does not mean maxing out every day, nor does it mean the set absolutely must be heavier than last week- just listen to what your body is telling you. If you are feeling good and like you can go heavy and hit something you’ve never hit before on such a complex- go for it! Take each day as it comes and go for what feels like a genuine challenge on that day. That goes for squats, classic lift complexes and the heavy singles at the end of the week. This will be the last week of this cycle!

Day 1

prep: 2 times 5 empty bar OHS with 5 second at the bottom, 40 m OH carry/side 

  • snatch lift off+ snatch (pause 3 seconds at top of lift off) build up to challenging 1+1 
  • clean lift off +clean (pause 3 seconds at top of lift off) build up to challenging 2+1
  • front squat + back squat build up to challenging 3+3
  • pull ups, build up to heavy weighted, then 2 x AMRAP at around 60% (or go for strict pull up if you’ve been doing assisted!)

Day 2

prep: 2 time banded pulls x 10, split squat median band pull x 10

  • press in split 3×3 at first week’s weight
  • pause jerks (3 sec in dip, 3 sec in catch) build up to challenging double
  • snatch deadlift on riser 3×4 @ 80%
  • tabata (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) bike or row x 8 rounds

Day 3

prep: bottoms up kb carry x 40 m/side, lateral band walks x 10/side 

  • 2 position snatch low hang + floor build up to challenging (1+1)
  • behind the neck split jerk + front rack split jerk work up to challenging (1+1)
  • back squat up to 80% AMRAP WITH GOOD FORM
  • 2 rounds:
    • floating clean pull with hold at top in full extension x 3
    • side plank 30 sec/side

Day 4


Day 5

prep: time under tensions air squats x 10, snatch drop with bar x 5

  • snatch heavy single
  • clean + jerk heavy single
  • front squat up to challenging double
  • 2 rounds:
    • single leg good mornings x6
    • superman hold x 25-35 sec
    • overhead ball slams x 15

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