October 1- October 7

Hello! I want to firstly congratulate our Charlottesville Strength athletes who lifted at the Fall Brawl Meet on Saturday. We had some major accomplishments- PRs and a very successful first meet 🙂 It was a great time! Chat with Danil and Jake to hear more about it. I, personally, find these successes super motivating and hope others do too, using them to train all the harder. BUT the body does need some rest and variation, so this week will be a little switch over week with less focus on the lifts and some interesting variations of exercises. You’ll notice some things are programmed just to have some fun and see what we are capable of! After this week, get ready for another conditioning cycle to prepare our joints…minds.. and souls for what is to come.…front squats. 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

  • power snatch with 5 second pause in catch 5×2 @ 65%
  • power clean with 5 second pause in catch 5×2 @ 65%
  • snatch high pull up to heavy single (bar should reach mod to high chest)
  • 4 rounds:
    • KB front rack carry x 40 m/side @ moderate weight
    • Sandbag walking lunges x 20 m
    • Farmer’s carry x 40 m @ heavy as possible

Day 4

  • Narrow stance back squat work up to challenging single (just for the hell of it)
  • 30-40 min AMRAP:
    • Row 4 minutes
    • Waiter’s carry x 30 m/side @ moderate weight
    • DB snatch x 5/side as heavy as possible
    • 30 second front leaning rest on rings

Day 5

  • Front squat work up to challenging single with 5 sec pause at bottom
  • snatch EMOM x 8 @ 70%
  • clean & jerk EMOM x 8 @ 70%
  • box hurdles x 3 for time (ask so I can show what these are!)
  • 1-3 rounds core:

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