December 3-December 9

Congratulations to everyone who made it through the complete front squat cycle! This week we will get to see all of that hard work pay off. This will be a testing week, starting with front squats! I know everyone’s schedules are a little different, finishing the last day of squats at different times, so adjust the 3 days programmed according to our own schedule as need be but aim for a couple of days of rest or active recovery prior to maxing out.

The rest of the week will be dedicated to deloading, testing the main lifts at the end of the week. Some of us will end up with some new numbers with which to head into the competition cycle, leading us into the Old Dominion Classic!

Day 1

Active recovery or rest

Day 2

  • Front squat test 1RM
  • Power clean 3×3 @ 65%
  • Snatch 5×1@ 75%

Day 3

  • Snatch high pull + snatch + snatch balance, 4 sets at 55-65%
  • Clean high pull + clean + push jerk, 4 sets at 55-65%
  • Back squat doubles up to 80%

Day 4

Active recovery or rest

Day 5 

  • Snatch max
  • Clean & jerk max
  • Back squat triples up to 80%

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