January 28-February 3

This week continues our conditioning cycle. Power through those set of 10 ūüôā Volume will begin decreasing after this on many lifts, I promise! Thinking ahead- East Coast Gold is hosting Virginia State Championships on April 13-14! I know a couple of us are planning on heading there, so programming for the next couple of months will centered around peaking for that meet. I encourage everyone to consider competing or at least save the date to tag along.

Day 1

  • 3 position no feet no hook snatch (above knee, just below knee, floor), 5 x (1+1+1)@ 68-73% rest 30 seconds between each rep
  • low hang clean with slow eccentric build to triple 1-3 kg heavier than last week
  • 1/4 back squat + 1/2 back squat+ back squat 5 x (1 + 1+ 3) @ 55-60%
  • 30 second on, 30 seconds off x 4 rounds, keep track of total reps:
    • over head ball slams
    • lateral ball slam right side
    • lateral ball slam left side

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

  • clean thruster, build to challenging set of 3
  • snatch grip RDLs 3×8, heavier than last week
  • side lunges 3×8/side, heavier than last week
  • bent over supinated barbell rows 3×8, heavier than last week
  • seated box jump 3×5, slightly higher than last week

Day 5

  • 3 position pause snatch deadlift (just off floor, knee, power position) + snatch 5 x (2+1) @72-76%
  • power clean + clean + jerk dip + split jerk 5 x (1+1+1+1) @ 72-76%
  • back squat, build to set of 10, 2-5 kg heavier than last week

3 rounds: 


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