Elizabeth Bartlett

Contact: elizabeth@crossfitcharlottesville.com

84kg jerk at the 2013 USAW National Championships.

84kg jerk at the 2013 USAW National Championships.

Trainer Information

Certifications: USAW Level 2 Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit Level 1, USAW LWC Referee

Why I coach: One will never feel the joy and pride as is felt upon helping others become healthier and stronger than they were yesterday. Teaching, coaching, encouraging, prodding, pushing, … all of this eventually leads to celebrating your successes, and I absolutely love it.

Achievements/Awards for Olympic Weightlifting–
National: 2014 USAW National Championship Competitor (-69kg), 2014 USAW American Open Championships Competitor (-69kg), 2013 USAW National Championships Competitor (-69kg), 2013 USAW American Open Championships (-69kg), USAW 2012 University National Championships (-69kg, 5th Place)
Local: 1st Place 2012 Frederick Open (-69kg), 1st Place 2012 USAW Grand Canyon State Games (-69kg), 2nd Place 2013 USAW RVA Open (-69kg), 1st Place 2013 East Coast Classic (-69kg), 1st Place 2013 ECG Gold Cup Challenge (-75kg), 1st Place 2014 Capital City Open (-69kg), 1st Place 2014 East Coast Classic (-69kg), 1st Place 2014 NoVA Open (-75kg)

Achievements/Awards for Powerlifting (100% Raw Federation): 1st Place (-75kg) American Challenge in AZ (June, 2012) and “Best Female Lifter” (-75kg), 1st Place (-67.5kg) Mid-Atlantic Championship in VA (September 2012), 1st Place (-75kg, Deadlift) Western States Single Lift Championships (December 2013)

100% Raw Powerlifting Records–
State: AZ State Record in Squat (125kg, -75kg class); VA State Record in Squat (130kg, -67.5kg)
World: World Record in squat (130kg, -67.5kg class)

Personal Records

Snatch: 71 kg (training), 70 kg (competition)

Clean and Jerk: 91 kg (training), 91 kg (competition)

Clean: 95.5 kg

Jerk: 95 kg

Front Squat: 111 kg

Back Squat: 130 kg (high); 143kg (low)

Deadlift: 137.5 kg

Farmer Deadlift: 190 lbs each hand

Strict Standing Press: 50 kg

Stone Load: 215 lbs (over 48″ barrier)

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