Jordan Rosen


Certifications: USAW Level 2 Senior Coach, Doctor of Medicine

Why I coach: I’ve loved coaching and teaching ever since I started doing it over 10 years ago. Whether helping someone qualify for and compete at Nationals, or teaching someone the basics of how to squat, I love being a part of the athlete-coach team and helping someone accomplish their goals!

Weightlifting Accomplishments: Bronze Medal 94kg class, 2011 Criollo Cup Pan-American Games, 9th place 94kg Class, 2013 National Championships, 8th Place 94kg class, 2009 American Open, 4x Maryland state champion, 94kg weight class. Coached 5 Athletes to national level meets in weightlifting.

Personal Records:

Snatch: 133kg
Clean and Jerk: 165kg
Clean: 165kg
Jerk: 177kg
Back Squat: 232kg
Front Squat: 200kg
Deadlift: 240kg
Sleep: 22 hours
Krispy Kremes: 24 in 30 minutes
Dragons slain: 0

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